At VOGO, we specialize in delivering top-notch professional virtual or hybrid election and event services tailored to meet the unique needs of member-based organizations. We offer a comprehensive array of services that will elevate your organization’s voting processes and events to new heights.

Election Services

Our election services are designed to streamline and simplify the entire process, ensuring accuracy, transparency, and inclusivity by reaching a wider demographic. From designing, printing, and mailing customized ballots to managing secure online voting platforms, we handle it all. Our advanced digital barcode scanning system guarantees that each vote is counted accurately, eliminating any chance of duplication. With real-time results available, you can monitor progress effortlessly and obtain comprehensive reports at your fingertips.

So… Have a Directors Election coming up? Strike Vote? Ratification Vote?

Event Services

Organizing successful events can be a challenging task, but with VOGO, it becomes a seamless experience. We offer a range of virtual or hybrid event services that include planning, registration, attendee management, Q&A sessions, surveys, and more. With our virtual event service, you can save time and resources while being able to host more participants.

So… Have an Annual General Meeting coming up? Go Virtual or Hybrid!