Simple ratification and strike
voting for union members

Vogo supports your union voting efforts and increases voter engagement

Focus on your negotiations while Vogo handles the vote

From ratification and strike votes to chairperson and committee selection, Vogo can handle all the details of your vote to make things simple for you.

The Vogo team has worked closely with unions to save leadership and members time in communicating voting obligations, handling vote counting, and making sure members are informed about their choices.

  • Vogo removes the need to organize and oversee printing, ballot design and mailing.
  • Combine print ballots with online voting in system that’s simple for you and your union members.
  • Never worry about duplicates.
  • Let our automation systems let you focus on what your members need while we take care of things in the background.

Vogo is built with unions in mind.

Our union partners trust Vogo to make their votes simple. We’ve worked closely with unions and credit unions to make Vogo a tool that can handle any kind of vote that you can throw at it, while maintaining security, reliability, and ease of use.

Vogo is built from the ground up to be flexibile, and handle any variation of vote you can throw at it.

No matter the type of vote, Vogo is ready.

The Vogo team has years of experience working with complex union votes, and multi-step voting processes. Our system has a robust and flexible set of capabilities, so your voting requirements and processes can be accomodated, no matter the use case.

  • ratification and strike voting
  • collective agreement voting
  • organizing new employers
  • AGM voting
  • amendments to union charters
  • executive elections and votes
  • preferential voting
  • e-ballots
  • mail-out ballots

Powerful product, simple demo.

Fill out the form to get access to the Vogo demo. We’ll take you through a trial vote so you can see how easy voting can be for you and your membership.

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Vogo makes it easy for your members to vote, with less work for you.

Vogo is customizable, flexible, and our team is ready and willing to make changes and add features that will help make your vote successful and effective. We’re experts in making voting simple to benefit your union membership over the long term.

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