Hassle-free voting for your
credit union members

Vogo helps save you time and effort organizing your vote and increases voter engagement

Running a vote doesn’t have to be complicated.

Your credit union bylaws and voting procedures might be complex, but Vogo can handle all the details to make things simple for you.

Over the years that credit unions have been using Vogo they’ve saved countless hours because Vogo:

  • Removes the need to organize and oversee printing, ballot design and mailing
  • Combines print ballots with online voting in system that’s simple for you and your voters
  • Eliminates any possible voting duplicates
  • Automates several elements of the voting process

Vogo is built to match your credit union’s needs.

Our credit union partners trust Vogo to make their votes simple, because they were a huge part of helping create the system that fit their needs. We’ve worked closely with credit unions to make Vogo a tool that can handle any kind of vote that you can throw at it, while maintaining security, reliability, and ease of use.

Take the stress out of your next vote and use that tool that has been built from the ground up to help make credit union, union, and association voting easier.

No matter the type of vote, Vogo is ready.

The Vogo team has years of experience working with complex credit union votes, and the Vogo system has a robust set of capabilities. It’s also flexibile, so your voting requirements and processes can be accomodated, no matter the use case.

  • multiple-choice voting
  • AGM voting
  • manual voting entries
  • district voting
  • preferential voting
  • e-ballots
  • mail-out ballots
  • corporate voting

Powerful product, simple demo.

Fill out the form to get access to the Vogo demo. We’ll take you through a trial vote so you can see how easy voting can be for you and your membership.

If you have a support question please contact your regional representative. This is a sales contact form, and you will be contacted regarding sales questions and product demonstrations.

Your credit union vote is secure with Vogo

Security is one of the most important aspects of holding a vote. Securing ballots and membership information, and ensuring the integrity of the vote are all essential.

Your membership data stays in the United States, on U.S. servers, for the entirety of your vote. Members trust that their data will be kept safe, and we make sure we are compliant with stringent security procedures that protect personal data and member lists.

We secure the integrity of each vote by having appointed and verified scrutineers and regulated storage procedures.

Only the Vogo team has access to data and ballot information for the purposes of implementing your unique vote.

Paper ballots are stored in a time released safe until the vote is concluded and then counted and matched against our digital barcode system to make sure there is no duplication and that all ballots match against the member list.

"We have taken the system to the limits with audits and have subjected it to a great deal of scrutiny finding no visible errors. It has proved to be totally compliant with internal and external auditors."

Brian M Petrynko
Chief Marketing Officer,
Carpathia Credit Union

Vogo makes it easy for your members to vote, with less work for you.

Vogo is customizable, flexible, and our team is ready and willing to make changes and add features that will help make your vote successful and effective. We’re experts in making voting simple to benefit your business and membership over the long term.

See how it works